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Before you leave home

  • Remove all nail polish, jewelry, rings, makeup, piercings.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
  • Take heart and blood pressure medications with a sip of water.
  • Do not take diabetes or insulin medication unless instructed to.
  • Do not drink other liquids or surgery will be cancelled.
  • Do not eat any solid foods or drink liquids besides water and Gatorade.
  • Drink your 20oz Gatorade before you leave or on the way to the hospital.
    • If you are diabetic drink 20oz water instead.
  • Remember to wash with the chlorhexidine soap (Hibiclens) the morning of surgery.

Surgery Center/Hospital arrival

  • Arrive at the surgery center or hospital at least two hours before your procedure.
  • Finish your Gatorade as you arrive.
  • Check into the surgery center or hospital.


  • A nurse will identify you and get you an ID band.
  • You will be checked in by a nurse and asked about your pain level.
  • You will be given an IV and weighed by the nurse.
  • You will be given several medications that will help keep you comfortable during surgery.
  • You will meet the surgery team and your consent for surgery will be reviewed.
  • Your surgical site will be marked.
  • You will meet with the anesthesia team who will review your medical history and will discuss your anesthesia plan.
  • If you are having a knee replacement surgery you will receive a local adductor canal block.
  • It is recommended to have spinal anesthesia for total joint replacement as patients have less pain, quicker recovery, less blood loss, and better outcomes with spinal anesthesia.

Operating Room

  • Once you are in the OR we will confirm your identity and the location of your surgery.
  • You will be hooked up to monitors.
  • Your anesthesiologist may perform your spinal block in the holding area or operating room.
  • You will be given antibiotics through your IV.
  • The surgical site will be prepped with antimicrobial wash and sterilized and drapes will be placed to prevent contamination to the surgical site.
  • A final time out to confirm identity and surgical site will be performed before surgery begins.
  • The surgical team will begin your operation.
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